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Solita Tiolina
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Make It Into a Functional Keychain

They stole my idea:-) just kidding, but ive been taking pictures of the kids art work just so it wouldn't pile up. mini masterpieces photobook by liz at paislee press - mix photos and artwork for such a cool kiddie keepsake!

turn your child's drawings into a toy they can cuddle with using this diy.

Turn your child's drawings into stuffed fabric dolls, animals, etc. This post was written in partnership with Spoonflower. They provide the custom doll fabric that I used to make the dolls from Olivia's drawings. For a whil

I love this idea. This mom saved her son's artwork, photographed it, turned it black and white, increased the size, and traced it onto a plain white duvet cover.

truebluemeandyou: DIY Duvet Cover with Custom Artwork. In this case a child’s artwork. Love this project using fabric felt tip pens. Tutorial from A Thousand Words here. *Use cheap white sheets to make the duvetcover.