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10 Most Beautiful Indonesian Islands

I didn’t know what to expect at all when I got to Bandung, least of all what to do in Northern Bandung. I was there on a trip with Indonesia and Bandung tourism, and didn’t have much time to research the area. I was BLOWN AWAY with the sights.

What to do in Northern Bandung

Bandung is a town in West Java, Indonesia. The north is filled with beatiful volcanic mountaints, craters, and sulfur lakes! It's a stunning place to go and a "Don't Miss" in Indonesia!

We'll bring you through some of the most unique hotels and villas that you never thought you'll find in Bandung.

Bandung #Indonesia

Looking to wine and dine with a special someone in Bandung without breaking the bank? Check out these 9 amazingly romantic restaurants in Bandung for an unforgettable yet affordable meal.

Bandung's Hidden Comfy Places, Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia - Townske

Because for us, we need perfect ambiance, hidden from crowd, to enjoy a good food