Dhea Sopianida

Dhea Sopianida

Dhea Sopianida
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Paint all the planets in the solar system except they're hollow. Inside each planet is either thriving plant life with whimsical creatures or thriving great cities with outstanding architecture. In the hollow sun however, is an engine running away producing the light (Maybe have a light bulb). Use glue and a dark paint to hide the extension chords going into each planet to give it energy - it's not initially visible. But when the person looks at it from a different angle, they see the vast…

Stella Maria Baer is a painter and photographer originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico. In her work she explores the mythology of the desert and the cosmology of space.

no companion so companionable as solitude  Henry David Thoreau  maybe I’ll write that one on my wall

Which path to take she wondered. One path would lead to having all her dreams come true but she knew it would destroy her. Then there was another path full of struggle that would intimately lead to contempt life.

I love the morning dew, fog in the trees. Adventure grips and grabs at my heart. Telling me to go - Jeff S

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