Quran (93:4). Indeed what is to come (the Hereafter) will be better for you than what has gone by (life of this world).

Im having a bad day,and im losing stuff and to be reminded of His generosity,im feeling a bit relieved cause i know somewhere in the distant future He had set up a beautiful plan for me to made up for everythg i hve lost.In Shaa Allah

Quran verse. Allah most definitely is The Protector.

Quran - After this, what do we have to fear? *I fear so many things. But Allah always fix my heart ❤

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A reminder to keep reminding! Never despair Allah can change the heart of anyone if He wills

Allah u akbar

Hadith/Benefit Allah has promised that anyone recites (this Du’a) in the morning and evening will be pleased on the day of resurrection. [Ahmed An-Nasa’i from Hisnul Muslim]


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