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انواع مدل دستگاه پولیش | فروشگاه ایرانکار
دستگاه پولیش اوربیتال مارک III روپس سایز 15 کیت BAS
karcher car and bike ultra foam cleaner with nozzles on the top
Karcher Connect & Clean Ultra Foam Kit - 1L
The Karcher FJ10 Connect 'n' Clean foam nozzle with Ultra Foam Cleaner is a simple and easy way to apply your detergent using your Karcher pressure washer. Karcher's detergents have huge advantages, not just for cleaning around your home but for the environment too. No aggressive tensides or ingredients that are considered harmful such as mineral oil and palm oil are used. All tensides used in Karcher detergents are biodegradable, and many ingredients are obtained from natural resources, from co
Car Essentials丨Car Interior Cleaner(1 Set)
Car Interior Cleaner designed with air pulse spray nozzle and high-pressure snow foam pot provides incredibly fast and effective cleaning on 99% surface.