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Discipline your child with do-overs

Chaney- Has some links on reprogramming bad behavior. The do-over method of child discipline teaches children appropriate behavior by repetition of the right way.

Know the Sex of Your Baby at the FIRST Ultrasound! Well I saw this late, but I went back and looked at my ultrasounds and it was right! Or more specifically, the location of the placenta -- 97.2 percent of boys had their placenta on the right side of the uterus at that 6 week ultrasound, and 97.5 percent of girls had theirs on the left. Crazy, isn't it? According to their study, this method should be considered "highly reliable" in determining gender within the first few weeks of pregnancy.

Know the Sex of Baby at Ultrasound! Location of placenta boys had placenta on right side of uterus at 6 week ultrasound. of girls was on left. Method considered "highly reliable" in determining gender within first few weeks of pregnancy.

Scary true, Although Virgo and Scorpio have different crharacteristics, when both of them meet, the relationship surprisingly often work out well. The Virgo t^ends to be shy and - Click for more info

Need of loyalty and love builds the strong base for Libra woman and Scorpio man relationship. Scorpio man wants to be in committed relationship while Libra woman likes to have good companion.