Vegetarian bacon

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For vegetarians that want a smokey bacon flavor

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Easy Tofu Bacon and an Amazing Vegan BLT - Fo Reals Life

Easy Tofu Bacon & an Amazing Vegan BLT — Fo Reals Life

I don't even know what possessed me to make this yesterday. It just came to me and I went forward with it. It must have been my brain tapping into some magical knowledge center because this bacon is my FAVORITE! I've made the tempeh bacon that everyone makes. It's good.

Olives for Dinner | Shiitake Bacon by Jeff and Erin's pics, via Flickr

Shiitake Bacon

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55 minutes

Vegan bacon! Made with shiitake mushrooms, liquid smoke and toasted sesame oil.

Eggplant "bacon". I've had this before and it is delicious. Now I just need to find out what language this is so I can run it through a translator. :)


Доброе утро! Я давно хотела сделать этот "бекон", но забывала, а летом духовку включать не очень хочется, теперь же у меня внезапно появилась сушилка и я сушу все, что только можно:) Сушилка у меня Severin OD2940 Взяла именно эту потому, что только она одна в наличии и была:) Но если бы выбирала,…

Eggplant Bacon

Eggplant Bacon: Bacon is one of the most delicious foods ever, but one that vegetarians, vegans, and other folks with dietary restrictions are sure to miss it at breakfast time (and lunch, and dinner, and snacks). With a few simple ingredients, you can make a yummy…