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the sun shines through some windows in an empty room with wood flooring and decorative lighting
Mr. nataraja residential, geometrixs architects & engineers | homify
an indoor living area with stairs and plants on the wall
Ide Desain Taman | Inilah Cara Punya Taman Namun Tidak Memiliki Lahan !!!
there is a very large staircase in the house
Uma casa que parece um autêntico castelo com 532m2, guedes cruz arquitectos | homify
an empty hallway with wooden slats on the wall and stairs leading to another room
Gallery of House for Five / designshop - 18
a room with wooden slats on the wall and wood flooring in front of it
Greene Street Residence (Phase I) | Adam Alter, RA | Archinect
an outdoor staircase with tiled steps leading up to the house
Cette maison dans le désert a adopté les couleurs de la terre environnante