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Mallikarjuna Maneri

Mallikarjuna Maneri
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Lakshmi, my guiding light

Hindu: Goddess Durga, Ma Durga is the embodiment of the divine energy and the creative power. Mother Durga has nine forms/dimensions. Navratra (The nine holy nights) is dedicated to the worship of Her.

Lord Brahma, who is in charge of secondary creations. One Brahma appears per universe, and his number of heads is an indication of the size of the universe created.

IAST: Brahmā) is the Hindu god (deva) of creation and one of the Trimūrti,( cosmic functions of creation)

To establish truth & destroy darkness, I appear again & again. #Bhagavadgita #Krishna

Dashavatar or dashavatara refers to the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu to restore the eradicate evil from earth and to restore the Dharma. See all avatars here.

Ganga Devi

Ganga’s themes are cleansing, health and mercy. Her symbols are water and yellow colored items. As the Hindu Goddess of the river Ganges, Ganga represents purification, wellness and benevolence in the new year ~

Matsya is the first incarnation of the avatar Vishnu. it is said that he took the form of a fish in order to save Manu from the apocalypse. He later takes his boat to the new world with one of each species of animal and plant life.

Matsya Avatar or the Fish Incarnation is the first of the ten Divine Incarnations of Lord Vishnu, the Preserver of the Universe.