sri rahayu fuji haryanti

sri rahayu fuji haryanti

Kuningan  ·  A June Rain. Queen of 'attention to details'. Autumn. Petrichor. INTJ. Ailurophile.
sri rahayu fuji haryanti
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The INFJ Front Door. INFJ Cartoon INFJ is the most rare of all personality types, representing less than of the world population.

Searching for a flick? Let our list of the most romantic movies of all time be your guide. The best thing about these classics is that you can press "pause" whenever the mood strikes.

I know a lot of INFJs love to be in nature or curled up with a good book. What’s your happy place?

INFJ's do burn bridges. You won't even know it happened until you go to look for the bridge, and it's just gone.

INFJ || There's no middle ground; either get all in or get all out. Have no interest in having fair-weather souls invading my space.

It's why I agonise over things friends and family don't even realise they do, but which cause me immense hurt or disappointment.

Quotes for Motivation and Inspiration QUOTATION – Image : As the quote says – Description I just got a SCHOLARSHIP today! Ahhh I'm so excited and grateful. Hard work does pay off. When I'm done with nursing…. Look out mizzou med school 😉 -