Traditional Mini Egg Cake

Mini Egg Cake - Soft, airy, light sponge cake that not only taste good but look good! Learn how to make these mini cakes.

Onde-Onde Goreng • Indonesian food sweet #Indonesian recipes #Indonesian cuisine #Asian recipes

Onde - onde is a kind of pastry snacks are popular in Indonesia . This cake is so famous in the area known as the city of Mojo.

Indonesian Bika Ambon cake #Indonesian recipes #Indonesian cuisine #Asian recipes

Bika Ambon is a kind of cake from Indonesia. Made from ingredients such as tapioca and sago flour, eggs, sugar and coconut milk. Looks a bit like a crumpet.

Kue Putu [Indonesian Putu Bamboo Cake].......Beautiful!  @endy daniel

Kue Putu or Putu Bamboo is an Indonesian traditional cake, consists of palm sugar wrapped with rice flour. it& cooked by steaming it i.

Bitterballen - Dutch Meat Balls also Indonesian

bitterballen is still among my favorite. With a crunchy skin enveloping soft and flavorful potato and beef mixture …