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fried chicken with chili sous - ayam penyet ~ indonesian food Pollo fritto con salsa di chili khas Indonesian.

Indonesian food buffet

Indische rijsttafel - (Rice Table) The cone on each plate is rice and you various dishes to it - meat, vegs, fish, egg, etc. with flavours from sweet to extremely spicy. A wonderful way to experience colonial Dutch-Indonesian dishes.

Indonesian manado chili and lemon basil chicken, ayam garo rica

Ayam Garo Rica Recipe (Manado Chili and Lime Basil Chicken) - A Sulawesi dish - (Besides the recipe, there is some interesting information on lndonesian leafy ingredients.

Kepiting Saus Padang (Indonesian Chili Crab)

What to eat in Indonesia? Best indonesian food list - Food you should try

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Indonesian Beef Rendang | #IndonesianFood #beef #meat #Rendang

Sharing a long distance meal with close friends of Indonesian Rendang and Ukrainian Cake. This beef rendang recipe is super easy and can be made in about an hour.