Steven Singorahardjo

Steven Singorahardjo

Surabaya, Indonesia
Steven Singorahardjo
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Bright games painted on a cement or asphalt surface are a welcome addition to any playground! Use the suggested patterns attached here, or think back to your own childhood to come up with possible games! Note: Your site will obviously have to have a bare cement or asphalt surface on which you can paint, and where children can play safely.

Use the suggested patterns, or think back to your own childhood with these DIY instructions for how to paint asphalt games for your playground or play space.

A Temporary Playground Offers “Light Therapy” in Wintry Montreal | The Dirt | ASLA

Impulse is a new public art installation comprised of 30 completely illuminated seesaws and a series of video-projections on nearby building facades. When the seesaws are used they “activate” and begin to emit tones resulting in various musical harmonies.

The Off-Ground installation is like a playground for adults. As adults, who lead much more hectic, responsibility-ridden lives than children, the perfect playground would be a place for rest and relaxation. But instead of taking on the semblance of a serious retreat, the Off-Ground installation is much more casual, not to mention urban.

”Off-Ground“ project by Amsterdam-based designers Jair Straschnow and Gitte Nygaard seeks to embrace play elements so that they can be used as alternative public seating.