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“ 170526 jeff__benjamin : Had an awesome talking with EXO backstage before their majorly impressive Exo'rdium Tour concert in New York. I first interviewed EXO in summer 2013 when they were still very new on the scene and visibly nervous.

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I love kpop. This korean music group called EXO and they used to have twelve members, but one of the members left. However, I like their music and their outlook so much!

Sabemos que intentaste todo para seguir estando con nosotros, pero lamentablemente no se pudo. Siempre te vamos a querer, gracias por los lindos y divertidos momentos que nos regalaste. Siempre te apoyaremos a donde quiera que vallas. Siempre contigo, nuestro querido Unicornio....

I hope you continue to be the most amazing sexy yet innocent angelic dimpled talented & humble healing unicorn you are that we all know and love forever!