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Text: Create a summer reading program at home with a reading child image
Create a Fun Summer Reading Program at Home to Encourage Reading
It is easier than you might think to create the perfect (and doable) summer reading program for your child...no matter if they are a learning reader or a competent reader. We have the best book lists, reading logs and inspiration to make this summer the summer of good books.
Text: Laurel Wreath Olympic Craft - Kids Activities Blog - image of finished laurel wreath craft created out of felt of various green colors and pipe cleaner worn by child
DIY Laurel Wreath Headpiece - Olympics Crafts for Kids
Today we are making an Olympic laurel wreath craft! The Olympics are right around the corner so what better way to prepare and celebrate than making your very own Olympic laurel wreath! You can wreath it at home, to school, and while you watch the Olympics and cheer for your favorite country. Kids of all ages will have so much fun making an Olympic laurel wreath craft. You can make this simple, but fun, Olympic laurel wreath craft at home or in the classroom.
fridge storage for summer with two jars full of food and the words top 10 tips
Fridge Storage for Summer Vacation
Make sure easy snacks are ready to grab for the kids all summer long and learn how to prep your fridge to make dinner time even easier during summer break.
an easy grilled turkey burger with lettuce and tomato on the buns
Broiled Turkey Burgers
You can bake these easy turkey burgers in the oven under the broiler and they taste even better than if they'd come off the grill! Tender and juicy, seasoned with sundried tomatoes and topped with fresh veggies, this is a healthy burger recipe you'll make again and again.
Text: Popsicle stick catapult - Kids activities Blog - finished catapult craft made with green popsicle sticks and a recycled water bottle cap on white background
Simple Catapult Craft Made with Popsicle Sticks for Kids - STEM Activity
We are building a simple popsicle stick catapult for kids. This science and STEM activity works well for kids of all ages at home or in the classroom. We love catapult crafts because once you make a catapult, then you can play with a catapult!
Rainbow scented play dough made from Jell-O - my kids LOVE this recipe, it's so soft!...Going to make a big rainbow batch for St. Paddy's day! Scented Play Dough, Messy Kids, Playdough Recipe, Homemade Playdough, Toddler Fun, Play Dough, Childrens Crafts, Craft Activities For Kids, Craft Activities
Best Homemade Playdough Ever: Jell-O Playdough
Rainbow scented play dough made from Jell-O - my kids LOVE this recipe, it's so soft!...Going to make a big rainbow batch for St. Paddy's day!
buttermilk ranch dip recipe on a plate
Buttermilk Ranch Dip
Make this easy homemade buttermilk ranch dip to dunk baked chicken tenders or nuggets in instead of the bottled stuff for the kids. This also makes a delicious ranch dressing for a salad or raw baby carrots.
text: egg shell squeeze science - image of hand holding intact egg and another image of a hand with squished egg showing a science experiment for kids exploring the strength of egg shells you can do in your kitchen or classroom
Egg Shell Squeeze Kitchen Science Experiments for Kids
Let’s do an egg shell squeeze science experiment today! Have you ever thought about how strong an egg shell is? Most of the time we think of eggs as being fragile and breakable. Let’s take a little deeper look at which is right…is an egg shell fragile or is it strong? This simple kids science experiment explores the wonders of the egg shell and how it can be strong and weak at the same time.
a woman holding a sign that says day trip london to paris by train
Day Trips from London to Paris by Train
Take the Eurostar train from London to Paris for an amazing family day trip during your vacation. Learn budget-saving tips for when to book the best train ticket and what you should see and do in Paris.
a child's hand on top of a blue tray with the words 10 best rhyming activities for kids
10 Awesome rhyming activities for PreK
These great rhyming activities for kids make learning to rhyme even more fun.
a young boy is playing with toys in a plastic container on the bed and text overlay reads water fun washing toys activity
Washing Toys Water Activity for Toddlers
One of the most basic water activities you can do is to wash the toys. Its a perfect indoor water activity for toddlers to do. And clean the toys in the process!
the crock pot little smokies recipe is ready to be made in the slow cooker
Crock Pot Little Smokies
These tiny barbecue sausages keep warm in a slowcooker all throughout your party on the buffet table. Serve them with little party picks for eating, they're the perfect appetizer or snack!
Fake snot slime recipe shown with child's hand stretching the finished green gross slime - Kids Activities Blog
Silly Fake Snot Slime Recipe for Kids…EWWWW!
This easy slime recipe is extra fun to make because it looks like pretend snot. This homemade slime recipe is the grossest and most awesome slime recipe you’ll ever make! This fake snot slime sticks and oozes, but the slime easily lifts off of hard surfaces much like silly putty. Clean up is a breeze because his kids slime recipe easily washes off of hands delighting kids of all ages.
How to Make Easy Fairy Wands | Kids Activities Blog
How to Make Easy Fairy Wands
How to Make Easy Fairy Wands | Kids Activities Blog
a bowl full of potatoes and corn with the title overlay reads herb vinagrete french potato salad
French Potato Salad
This delicious French potato salad is even better than Ina Garten's recipe because it has fresh sweet corn and crisp red bell pepper for crunch. An easy herb vinaigrette is poured over tender red and white potatoes for a mayo-free potato salad that won't spoil in the heat. You can add crumbled bacon, too.