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the higher we go, the further we see and yet the horizon does not get lower. is earth flat??   (hum the Twilight Zone theme music now)

Compare the line of text to the "flat" horizon. At feet you can see a slight curve, and at you can see a definite curve.

Power Energi  Overload capaciti Ttransformator blow up

Power Energi Overload capaciti Ttransformator blow up

The last true American President and he died for his loyalty to country.

JFK wasnt assassinated by a lone gunman and what they taught you in high school about that was false. Our own gov't murdered it's leader. Research & Learn that this is not just a conspiracy

al pacino on palestine - Google Search

Israel has been infiltrated by the Edomites, whose intent is to heap hate upon the true Israelites, sons of Jacob. Al Pacino is a Roman Edomite, descended.

Americans for Palestine

Americans for Palestine, well at least some

I have a hard time understanding why we in the U.S. are so inclined to let Israel bully us & use our tax dollars to commit genocide against the Palestinians...And why in the hell that seems to be ok with everybody.

Angeline Jolie: Arabs and Muslims are not terrorists, the world should unite against Israel--Angelina Jolie

#Boycott #Israel #BoycottIsrael #IsraelIsaWarCriminal. #Free #Palestine #FreePalestine

#Boycott #Israel #BoycottIsrael #IsraelIsaWarCriminal. #Free #Palestine #FreePalestine

Einstein quote. I'm not sure if this is his real quote but it is true. Have a heart and a brain.this is true!!

quote* Israel is the ONLY country we are not allowed to criticize, and writers who HATE the USA can have best sellers in NYC publishing, and Hollywood film is TIME the USA military woke up and asked WHY.

We need more Dr Mads Gilberts in Palestine!

Dr Mads Gilbert ~ Norwegian doctor, treating hundreds of victims wounded in Israel's ongoing assault in Gaza - Shifa' hospital

Christiano Ronaldo wearing a #FreePalestine shirt.

Christiano Ronaldo wearing a shirt.