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a man sitting on top of a leather couch next to a brick wall with tattoos
Metalhead Community
an image of two birds on top of a shield with the word bereave
a black and white photo of a woman with tattoos on her arm looking at the camera
a black shirt with white lettering and an image of two angels holding a cross on it
Gospel of the Lightbringer
a painting of an old man with wings on his head and chest, in front of a dark background
The Dreamy, Mystical Works of Denis Forkas
a man with horns on his head is performing in the dark
two pictures of a man and woman with different facial expressions, one is looking at the camera
Adam Darski
a black and white drawing of a demon holding two candles in his hands with the devil's head above them
three men dressed in black and white, one with a crow on his shoulder
a man in black holding a guitar while standing on top of a stage with graffiti behind him
a woman with long hair playing an electric guitar
a shirtless man with long red hair and white makeup is holding his hands together