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This is pretty cool, fun to do with the kids are maybe the elf s made a design for them?
5min · 1 serving Plate • Milk • Food coloring • QTIP • Soap
DIY Play Dough Recipe
I remember nibbling play dough as a kid! 😜 Here’s a taste safe play dough recipe made with all good grade ingredients. I will warn you, it’s addicting to make. Once you go, homemade, there’s no going back to store-bought. 😉🙌 YOU’LL NEED: • 1 cup flour (compact) • 1/2 cup table salt • 2 tbsp cream of Tartar • 1 tbsp oil • 1 cup boiling water • Food coloring INSTRUCTIONS: • In a bowl, combined the flour, salt, and cream of tartar. Mix well.  • Add the oil, but don’t mix yet. • Mix a few drops of food coloring in the boiling water and add to the bowl.  • Mix everything very well and massage with your hands until it is no longer sticky.  💡Storage: Wait for the Play-Doh to cool completely. Wrap in plastic and placed in an airtight container. Store at room temperature for
My daughter and I had a blast making DIY kenitic sand! #mom #momhack #diy #activities
· 1 serving DIY KENETIC SAND Ingredients: 1 cup of play colored sand, 1/4 tsp dish soap, 1 Tbs clear glue, ½ tsp of liquid starch • Step 1: In a large bowl mix the glue, dish soap, and liquid starch with a spoon until it creates a sticky slime. • Step 2: Add 1/4 of a cup of sand into the slime mixture and mix with a spoon trying to blend all the sand into the slime. • Step 3: Continue adding a little sand at a time and continue to blend it with the spoon. • Step 4:When the spoon stops working to blend in the sand start using your hands. • Step 5: Stretch the slime and where glue is exposed add sand and fold in. • Step 6: Continue until all sand has been blended in and absorbed. • Step 7: Go play!
DIY Soap Bubble World | Easy STEM Home Experiments for Kids
Dive into the magical world of soap bubbles! Create a captivating Soap Bubble World with the science of surface tension. Fun, easy, and perfect for young science enthusiasts at home! 🖤Check out Link in Bio for our safe home STEM experimental kits
Magic of Electromagnetism at Home | Easy STEM Experiments for Kids
Unleash the magic of electromagnetic force with exciting at-home science experiments for kids! Ignite their curiosity and visit our Link in Bio for safe, kid-friendly STEM experiment kits. Let the exploration begin!
DIY Magic of Reflection | Fun Physics Home Experiments for Kids
Dive into the enchanting world of water reflection with a simple bowl! Engage kids in fun science experiments at home, igniting their passion for science. 🔍💧 Explore more with our Link in Bio for safe and exciting STEM experiment kits.
Alphabet Letter Crafts
Alphabet Letter Crafts
two paper plates with turkeys on them and the words, featherer letter turkeys
Name Activities: Feather Letter Turkey
pumpkin pie number sense game for kids to practice counting
Pumpkin Pie Number Sense Activities for Preschoolers
monster themed math and color activities for kids to practice number recognition with their own hands
Monster Math Activities That will Make Your Kids Roar with Delight
a spiral notebook with the word taum written on it next to an orange marker
Emotion Sorting Activity — Oh Hey Let's Play
a notepad with an image of plants on it and the numbers in each corner