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(gif) ♪You are my sunshine/My only sunshine/You make me happy/When skies are gray/You'll never know, dear/How much I love you/Please don't take/My sunshine away♪ ||| Jack/Lacie

Jack and Lacie, Pandora Hearts

Artwork at the end of Retrace 100. (Retrace C: Ossia) (there are a lot of theories about this chapter but one of them is that there is a slight possibility that BREAK ISN'T DEAD AND IFSLKDFKEJRjf I KNEW NOT LOSING HOPE COULD PAY OFF)

Pandora Hearts: Gilbert Nightray, Alice Baskerville/The B-rabbit, Oz Vessalious, Sharon Rainsworth, Xerxes Break (Kevin Legnard) Retrace C: Ossia