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Jisung, Woojin, Guan Lin, Jinyoung

Wanna One - Park Woojin, Lai Guanlin, Yoon Jisung, Bae Jinyoung

Wanna One

Wanna One has been added to the lineup for 2017 Asia Artist Awards! On September an official source announced that Wanna One will be attending the 2017

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Wanna One had their first group photoshoot with '1st Look'.The group's first schedule together was their photoshoot, and it's finally been reveal…

Wanna One have their first ever photoshoot with '1st Look'

Look - Wanna One Lee Daehwi - Ong Seongwoo - Bae Jinyoung

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Wanna one

"Produce 101 Season created group Wanna One is in high demand these days.

Wanna One | Burn it Up BTS Photos

Wanna One made their debut this month, and they've shared a batch of photos from their experience filming their "Energetic" and "Burn It Up" music videos!