Shadow puppets have been used by many Eastern and Western cultures to tell their stories. This is an example of a finely cut Wayang Kulit puppet from Java, Indonesia. It is made from buffalo skin with rods made from cow horns.

Originating in the Han Dynasty AD), Chinese shadow puppets were made from donkey and ox leather, carved until transparent, d.

Puppet of the Indonesian wayang shadow theater

Puppet of the Indonesian wayang shadow theater ^ Indonesian Wayang Inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity 2003

Wayang Puppet - Yogyakarta #PINdonesia

yogyakarta Wayang Kulit and wayang golek are great cultural expressions that should be experienced.

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Wayang is an ancient Javanese word meaning “shadow” or “ghost.” It is also the name for the traditional sacred dramas of Java and Bali. There are seven main forms of wayang, but wayang kulit, or shadow-puppet theater,

The "Gatotkaca" pictured here is a traditional Indoneisan puppet used in performance.

Wayang Kulit (Javanese traditional shadow puppet) from East/Central Java & Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Leather Wayang Kulit Puppet

As the name implies, shadow puppets are made from animal skin (buffalo, cow or goat). Shadow puppets are used to perform the play from the .

Wayang Kulit, Indonesian Traditional Shadow Puppet - Indonesian Culture, Indonesia.

Indonesian shadow puppet theater is called Wayang kulit in Indonesia and it is particularly popular in Java and Bali. Wayang Kulit, the Ind.

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