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Stephen Soebianto
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From Me To We: Teams Drive Innovation, Productivity and Growth [Infographic]

Business infographic & data visualisation How to Create a Collaborative Work Environment Infographic Description From Me To We: Teams Drive Innovation, Pro

Psychology of the Office Space [#Infographic] | Take It Personel-ly

Office design trends come in and out of fashion quicker than one can say “treadmill desk”, but there’s a good reason why managers are always obsessing about ways to improve their work spaces; it turns out that an office space can have a huge psychological

Design to Inspire (Infographic)

‪ office# ‪ culture# How to create an Inspired office? Can you boost ‪ by changing your environments? Teamacting recommend to you this infographic from Entrepreneur.

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪wework plan‬‏

The first floor of WeWork's Seattle space, which opens Feb. will feature an events space near reception and a large room for open coworking.

Google's New Amsterdam Offices Are Extremely Dutch

Super creative offices and workspaces! The masters of quirky office space are at it again. this time it's their new Amsterdam offices!