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I am Yours, You are Mine. Frame this with your own wedding date.

Ahhhh, my love, my sweetheart beautiful Gina this says so much of what we have & what we are blessed with soul mates I am Yours forever no matter what may come our way. We can make it thru ANYTHING this world can throw at us my love. I am YOURS forever

Build a Deluxe Tool Storage Cabinet - Extreme How To

The leading online guide to building a screened porch or patio with detailed instructions and photos from the DIY and How To Experts.

Dr. Felix Wankel with the first prototype of his rotary engine in 1957, which had a rotating inner chamber, unlike all later Wankels. Go to vintagentblogspot to read more...

(Don: My Dad bought a 1973 Mazda mini-wagon, with a Wankel rotary engine. Took it to Mexica, ran well).

Deltic Illo-1

OT - A-series Diesel engine, similar to those used in the British Railways "Deltic" locomotives