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LED Light in Liquid Nitrogen (It’s a rainbow!) The Science: When an LED is immersed in liquid nitrogen, the electrons lose a lot of thermal energy, even when the light isn’t turned on.

In fact, just dropping anything in liquid nitrogen, especially an orange LED light, is a great way to pass the time:

You messed up. SCIENCE RULES!

Like a high-speed Cupid’s arrow, an air-rifle pellet pierces the heart of a rose at some 800 feet per second. The flower, plucked from a garden and flash frozen in liquid nitrogen, shatters in a spray of petal fragments. Rose Flower Hd, 3d Rose, Hd Flowers, Paper Flowers, 3d Pictures, Cool Photos, Hd Photos, Imagenes Wallpapers Hd, Motion Wallpapers

Brittle Rose

Rosebud in liquid nitrogen. Pellet of .177. This meeting was fated.

Liquid Nitrogen Dewars

Liquid Nitrogen Dewars : SPI Supplies

Liquid Nitrogen Dewars

Fun Facts of Nitrogen - Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream Milkshake Bar, Liquid Nitrogen, Eating Ice Cream, Sub Zero, Make Ice Cream, Molecular Gastronomy, More Fun, Flask

Fun Facts of Nitrogen - Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream

Sure, we could make ice cream the boring, old-fashioned way with a big ol’ ice cream churn that scrapes and whips the cream full of air for 20 minutes or so, then we could store it in a -20 degree Fahrenheit freezer to harden for three or four hours and serve, eh, whenever… But we … Continue reading "Fun Facts of Nitrogen"

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Liquid-nitrogen-frozen marshmallows are the best.

Lesson 978 - Liquid Nitrogen

Hand submerged in liquid nitrogen; cool article on Leidenfrost Effect

Gray Matter: In Which I Fully Submerge My Hand in Liquid Nitrogen [Video]

When I first saw this photograph of a man's hand submerged in liquid nitrogen at somewhere below -320° F, my immediate thought was, "That guy must be crazy! One second in that stuff, and you're shopping for new skin!" My shock was tempered only slightly by the fact that it was my hand, and we'd taken the picture just a minute earlier.

Gastronomy is SO cool!

Gastronomy is SO cool! (haha, get it?)

Free ice cream at new Sub Zero in Layton - Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream Liquid Nitrogen, Sub Zero, Make Ice Cream, Yogurt, Free

Free ice cream at new Sub Zero in Layton - Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream

The Salt Lake Tribune First published Oct 06 2011 08:33AM Updated Dec 6, 2011 09:19PM On Saturday, Oct. 8, Sub Zero Ice Cream will celebrate the opening of its newest store in Layton, with free samples, giveaways and live music. The celebration runs from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the new store, 1978 N. … Continue reading "Free ice cream at new Sub Zero in Layton"