Hi ffriens, This kolam is for this event.

hi friends, Hope all are fine. I drew this kolam for a restart. This is a treat for you all.

hello frienz, This i drew today as it is shravana shukhravara. your views please.

Hi frienz, This was drawn on monday morning. i wanted to share it with all of you, ur lovely comments please

Aadi kruthikai

This kolam was drawn as it is aadi kruthikai. There is some difference in this kolam frienz spot the difference and enjoy with a smile !

This was drawn for a competition held in coimbatore in Jan Your views and suggestions are most welcome.

How is this kolam my friends ? please give me all your suggestions

This is my own creation drawn in front of my house . your comments please.

hI FRIENDS, This is a new design drawn for a friday morning in marghazhi. please let me know your views and comments on this.

Hi friens, very sorry for not posting any comments for the past few days. hereafter i will be on line and posting the comments to all the kolams. This is one of my own creation. please let me know your comments please!

This was drawn by on a fine morning in the month of marghazi. views please

this is also my own creation. I liked this kolam very much. Please let me know your valuable comments ?

Happy morning to all, Rangoli flower: Flower design by sudhabalakrishnan