Did You Know This About Quran?! #quran

d real gift nd guidance to one'z lyf.yeppp i feel tat beauty 😍😍. Hope everyone getz it fruition 😇😇.

Be A Thinker - Quran Reflections | Zaufishan

Being a "thinker" in the century is a down-trodden activity. With video games, the internet, smartphones and clickable life events, ".

Duas of forgiveness taught by Allah Himself in the Quran !!

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These are quotes from the Quran. This is significant to the book A Thousand Splendid Suns because Mariam constantly is praying and recites her versus from the Quran.

How long will it take to memorize Quran?

What if you started memorizing one verse a day 17 years ago? Also once someone gets a habit of memorization it often becomes much easier to memorize more per day than when you started. May Allah help all of us to memorize his book, ameen.

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