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Jika terasa ingin menangis maka biarkanlah airmata itu menitis membasahi pipi. Airmata itu ALLAH cipta bukan sia-sia kadang kala melepaskan yang terkurung dijiwa melalui airmata boleh meredakan hati yang sedang berduka. #mutiarakata

Often times hardest love to give, but the most important to receive. Be gentle with yourself. Be kind. You owe it to YOU.

30 Journal Prompts + Questions for Self-Discovery and Awareness — The 30 Day Challenge | self-improvement, inspiration, motivation, personal growth, therapy, personal development, journaling, bullet journal, self-care, finding purpose, quotes, spiritual, self-reflection, self-love

30 Journal Prompts + Questions for Self-Discovery, Awareness, and Self-Reflection. Take the 30 day therapy journal challenge.

10 Important Conflict Resolution Skills For Teenagers. Repinned by Betsy Smith Counseling & Consulting.

Equipping teenagers with the right set of life skills is must. Conflict resolution skills are one of them. Read 10 conflict resolution skills for teenagers.