Diy lace fingerless gloves--these look like himawari's in the fish kimono splash page.

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The dress is nice...matching n syari when it be add the long hijabMuhafazakar giyimin 2014 ilkbahar yaz sezon trendleri Modanisa’dan tüm dünyaya…

Simple plain flare abaya is one of the modest Muslim girl’s fashions that can groom up their gorgeou

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Handsock for wedd

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Elegant Burgundy Gothic Gloves with Lace, Fusion Dance, Evening Armwarmers…

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Hijabnya aja yg d ganti mnjadinyg panjang gamis Syar’i Modern ISMAYA MARON -

Abaya or burqa is Muslim dress that Muslim girls used to wear for hiding their body and more importantly morality and modesty that reflect from this attire. In Islam it is advised to Muslim ladies …