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a woman with blonde hair and blue eyes looks into the distance while standing in a field
[cries in lesbian]
Just for my wife right here😭🤚🏼
a girl with her nose taped out and the words disappointed but not surprised above her
Disappointed, but not surprised
Story of my life😭
a woman holding her hand to her ear
Think about it 🤔
Also found this one
a woman reading a book with the caption how to kill this person
How to kill a person
Found this one
a woman holding a cat with the caption'the universe compete that you so kindly refused '
Competence that you so kindly refused
Lady, Tops, No One Cares, Greats, Meme, Men, Women
Great, no one cares
a woman sitting at a table with a glass in front of her and the words, mmm you're very odd
Hmmm you’re very odd
a woman with blonde hair wearing a baseball cap
What did this bitch just say?
When soneone says she isn’t hot 👊🏼
Dreadlocks, Hair Styles, Look At, Style
Awww look at you☺️
a woman with her eyes closed and the words mmmmynybe in front of her
Mmmmmm mayyyybe
When someobe asks if I’m Inlove with Brie Larson
some people sitting in chairs with laptops and one has a quote on the screen
I wonder🤔
a woman sitting at a bar with a pizza in front of her
Are you guys hearing this bull shit💀
She’s so HOT 😩
a woman standing in front of a white wall with a quote on it that reads ina act like i listened to what you said rather than thinking about brie larron
Ima act like I listened to what you said
a woman wearing a straw hat drinking from a green cup with a straw in it
Hmmmm Welllllll
When someone says ima simp for Brie Larson