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the words you make my heart beat are in black, white and pink with an image of a woman's t - shirt
Valentines Day gift Ideas: You make my heart RACE!
a close up of a wrench on the side of a car's steering wheel
Tools Under $30 Gift Guide: Claw & Magnetic Retrieval Tools
Whether it’s for a holiday or birthday, this Tools Under 30 Dollars Gift Guide Series shows you important, yet somewhat uncommon, tools that any gearhead would want. Today, let’s talk about Retrieval Tools.
a blue book bag and two toy trucks
My First BIGFOOT® Children's Book Bundles
BIGFOOT® My First Bigfoot children's book bundles are perfect gifts for little monster truck fans! The bundles include the book, My First BIGFOOT®, the first in series of stories about how the entire BIGFOOT® family sees and feels about a group of their "Special Fans." A drawstring bag with printed BIGFOOT® design is also included to stow the plush toy truck and book.
a red motorcycle engine with tools on it
Summit Racing Engine Overhaul Set
This realistic-looking engine overhaul set stands approximately 12 in. tall and comes with over 20 parts, tools and accessories. Check the oil, change the air filter and spark plugs, and when the motorcycle V-Twin engine is all back together, turn the crankshaft to watch the pistons go up and down—plus, it also lights up and makes cool engine sounds. Engine overhaul set comes with all the play tools needed to get the job done.
a dog sitting on the ground next to some shoes
Summit Racing Automotive Dog Toys
This V8 engine block, turbocharger, brake and caliper, shifter knob and oil filter dog toy from Summit Racing™ will keep your pooch occupied for hours. It features heavy-duty canvas material with strong, reinforced seams and embroidered detailing—and, like your neighbor's worn-out serpentine, it squeaks. The machine-washable chew toy is about the size of a football.
a painting of cars and people at a drive - in movie theater with neon signs
Drive-In Movie Jigsaw Puzzle
Drive-In Movie Jigsaw puzzle looks like a scene straight out of the movies. Featuring plenty of classic vehicles, along with young people dressed in the fashionable attire of the time and hanging out at a classic drive-in movie. This 1,000-piece puzzle measures 32 in. x 24 in. when assembled.
You're already in this deep, what's one more going to hurt? Keep adding to the collection in this 100% cotton Just One More Car T-shirt. Gifts, Car T Shirt, The Collection, Mens Graphic, Mens Graphic Tshirt, Mens Tshirts, Mens Tops, T Shirt
Just One More Car T-Shirt
You're already in this deep, what's one more going to hurt? Keep adding to the collection in this 100% cotton Just One More Car T-shirt.
a red toaster with two hot dogs in it and the price is $ 29 00
Retro Hot Dog Toaster
When the craving hits, there’s no stopping it—cook up a pair of delicious dogs in a matter of minutes with the Pop Up Hot Dog Toaster! Just drop in two standard-size hot dogs and buns, press down the lever, and they’ll pop up moments later, golden brown and ready to eat. It has a variable heat control knob (to make the perfect dog every time), a removable crumb tray, and a 38" power cord.
the interior of a car with black and white seats
Heated Seat Cushions
Seconds is all it takes to enjoy soothing, relaxing heat from your car seats--even on the coldest winter days! These heated seat cushions plug into your vehicle's cigarette lighter with the 6 ft. power cord and begin working instantly, without waiting for your car to warm up. These heated seat cushions are made from high-quality quilted nylon for added comfort and include a built-in temperature control for high, low, and off. Since they're portable, you can have heated seats in all of your cars!
the chevrolet logo is on the side of an orange car's engine bay and hood
Bowtie Fender Cover
Summit Gifts® fender covers are a great way to defend your fenders from dents and dings while you're working under the hood. These fender covers hug your rides fender like a magnet for the ultimate in protection. Tools won't slip and the cover won't harm even the most delicate paint finish. They're offered in several designs and are impervious to oil, coolant, lacquer thinner, brake fluid, and even high-octane coffee!
a red toolbox filled with tools and scissors
Mini Collectable Tool Box
This 24-gauge steel miniature toolbox will remind you of that Big-Daddy in the garage, except it only measures 9 in. W x 5 in. H x 4 in.D. The desktop collectable features a red powdercoat finish with 1 1/2 in. working rolling casters. It has a felt liner on the interior floor and grooved rubber mat up top. The mini toolbox is ideal for storing office supplies on your desk or hardware in the garage.
an eagle with red, white and blue wings on it's back is shown
American Flag Eagle Steel Sign
Nothing is more patriotic than a bald eagle emblazoned with the stars and stripes! Let America's official bird of prey soar over any space with this 24-gauge American Flag Eagle steel sign, but watch those talons! The sign measures 21 in. wide and 12 in. high and has holes for mounting.
an orange and blue machine with a wrench on it's handle is attached to a hook
No-Drip Grease Gun Holder
End the mess! Conveniently stores your grease gun so it's not dripping every time you set it down. Small catch tray solves the issue of hazardous grease drips on the shop floor and workbench! Holder easily mounts to your wall, toolbox, or workbench, then simply snap your grease gun into position for neat and safe access. Holds ridged or flexible hose grease guns.
a clock that is sitting on top of a stand with three different gauges in front of it
Drag Race Alarm Clock
Here's the ultimate wake up call for all you drag racing gear heads! As the alarm sounds, the staging (Christmas) tree lights illuminate and flash down in sequence! As the last light turns green, the sound of 8,000 hp top fuel dragsters rocketing down the strip will bring you out of the deepest sleep! Also includes temperature and humidity gauges
a weird looking toy with red hair on top of it
Redline Racer
Work out your shifting hand and your funny bone with our Redline Racer figure. Turn the key, and as the lights on his base flash, this bug-eyed, wild-haired dude starts twitching and doing a demented impression of an idling racecar.