Soekarno & Guevara

Soekarno y Che Guevara.

Sukarno, 1960

Sukarno, 1960



As many as 1 million people were killed by Indonesia's Cold War regime—and we…

Revisiting an Indonesian massacre 50 years on—Al Jazeera English.

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Killing Hope

Killing Hope: U. Military and C. Interventions Since World War II--Updated Through 2003 / Edition 2

Book Conference Documents/transcripts | 1955 Bandung Conference

President Sukarno Opening Speech at, the Bandung Conference, Indon.

Watch the video «The Untold History Of The United States Ep07» uploaded by…

Oliver Stones Untold History Of The United States Series 1 Nixon and Vietnam - Dailymotion Video

The director of “The Act of Killing” argues that the Indonesian government…

By JOSHUA OPPENHEIMER The director of “The Act of Killing” argues that the Indonesian government should end its silence over the purges that killed more than people in Published: September 2015 at from NYT Opinion Article.

Buzzing: There Were No Apologies at Indonesias First Hearing Into the Savage…

No Apologies at Indonesia's First Hearing Into 1965 Massacre

Buzzing: There Were No Apologies at Indonesias First Hearing Into the Savage Killings of 1965

In April and May of 1958, Indonesia went through a period of rebellion, as…

President Soekarno with Robert Francis Kennedy in Jakarta, 1962

CIA pilot, Allen Lawrence Pope, was shot down and captured. Thirty years old, from Perrine, Fa, Pope had flown 55 night missions over Communist lines in Korea for the Air Force. Later he spent two months flying through Communist flak for the CIA to drop supplies to the French at Dien Bien Phu. Now his luck had run out. He was to spend four years as a prisoner in Indonesia before Sukarno acceded to a request from Robert Kennedy for his release.  Pope was captured carrying a

Allen Pope during his trial in Jakarta December Pope was a CIA agent involved in Permesta Insurgency. He was operating a Invader when a Mustang of Indonesian Air Force shot his plane down.

Indonesia cancels festival events marking 1965 mass killings - BBC News

Indonesia cancels 1965 festival events

The Indonesian government forces organisers of the country's main literary festival to cancel events marking mass killings 50 years ago.

Indonesia 1965 killings: 'I killed too many to count' - BBC News

'I killed too many to count'

After 50 years, the Indonesian government is going to investigate one of the worst massacres of the century.

After a failed coup in '65, General Suharto (pic) launched an anti-communist…

General Suharto attending the funerals of murdered Indonesian generals in October