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some pastries are sitting in paper cups on a table with the words sourdough chocolate cruffins
Sourdough chocolate cruffin - recipe Sourdough&Olives
two pictures of lemon glazed blueberry boyfriend bar on a white plate with flowers in the background
Blueberry Boyfriend Bait
This delicious cake can be made with fresh or frozen-thawed blueberries.
several decorated cookies sitting on top of a cookie sheet next to a jar of sugar
the recipe for simple homemade vanilla wafers
Simple Homemade Vanilla Wafers
strawberry shortcake freezer pie on a plate
Pin on Fashion Inspiration
cinnamon roll in a mug with icing on top and the title overlay reads, cuee minute cinnamon roll in a mug
Cinnamon Roll in a Mug
If you have a mug, a microwave & a spoon you can make this One minute Cinnamon Roll in a Mug. Perfect for when you NEED dessert now! via @avirtualvegan
banana bread mug cake in a white bowl with spoon and text overlay that reads vegan & 1 minute
Banana Mug Cake - Tastes Like Banana Bread!
the best banana bread for one is in a white casserole dish with text overlay
Banana Bread For One
three pieces of cake sitting on top of a pink plate covered in powdered sugar
Foolproof Lemon Bars
Foolproof Lemon Bars Recipe | Bon Appétit
Let's Make Lemon Blueberry Muffins