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Yustisia Putri
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The living grid by Gustavo Zambelli on Inspirationde anti smoking Image added in Logo design Collection in Branding Category

This design excels in the area of appropriate action and message. The top of the tree appears to be bubbling out of the beaker, yet at the same time seems to be standing still. The word combination is also great! Overall very successful.

Chemistree Logo design - A logo designed for a business that prefer the greener approach to a logo design. br /br /It may be utilized for various business in this sector. Shown here is the tree which emerges from the beaker. Changes are welcome.

BarCode Logo

This logo is very clever. I love the fact that a bar code makes the shape of a beer mug. It is funny to me to see. I am not sure what kind of company this is for, other than some kind of beer company or bar. It is eye catching and clever.