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Dandelion Green

The Amazing Dandelion Green

Photo by Summer Tomato Dandelion greens are the perfect frugal food. Sure you can buy them at the market but why not just go out to your yard and harvest them for free? Just make sure your yard is free from chemicals and pesticides- a good idea anyway. Dandelion is one of the most nutritious leafy greens. Its rich in calcium and vitamins A, C, D, K and B2. Its often used to treat disorders of the liver and digestive system. They can be harvested all year long but are less bitter in the…


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Dried Marjoram

Essentially Hops Dried Marjoram

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Testing my new lens, a canon 100 mm f2.8. It's pretty amazing!

Turnip Greens

Paleo Vegetable Recipes: Greens

80 paleo/primal recipes for cooking vegetable greens.

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10 Commandments Of Awesome Hot Chocolate

Back away from the cocoa powder. It's only bringing you down.

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How to use #paprika #spice #tips