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Suri Riyani

Suri Riyani
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I'm sorry because my very existence goes against your religion. I'm sorry because I was born with depression. There is no real reason for me to be sad except for the chemicals in my brain. I'm sorry that I'm not the nice passive daughter you want. I yell and scream and kick. I'm stubborn and smart which you hate. But I'm the end, I'm sorry for lying to you every time I apologized for being myself. Because I don't fucking care anymore

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Developing, implementing and maintaining healthy boundaries, is not easy. It feels weird, especially when you are someone who has always had soft boundaries. I talk a lot about emotional boundaries…

Developing healthy boundaries, is not about hating people, being mean, or wanting to hurt people back ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

I know this feeling... It's an overwhelming  feeling of emptiness and loneliness... Even when you have people that care about you... You still feel alone and empty... And you want to just cry out for help but the emptiness is taking over your life

I know this feeling. It's an all consuming feeling of emptiness and loneliness. Even when you have people that care about you. You still feel alone and empty. And you want to just cry out for help but the emptiness consumes you. So true.