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susanto setiawan
susanto setiawan

susanto setiawan

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For all of you inspiring music teachers ...

It's true you have too work hard too accomplish your goals in life . No matter what it takes , you can't make excuses . Because your succes is ultimitly up too you . Lived & learned it . - Deiona R .

Are you dedicated? Let's talk about your future... - Brampton Campus Ask for Melanie

You are AMAZING! Take a second to reflect on all the past moments in your life that have brought you here. Pretty amazing right? You have done incredible things, and we here at LoveBellissima are SO proud of how far you've come.

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26 Motivational Quotes : Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.

myhealthy-progress: sweatandhappiness: bright-happy-healthy: FRIENDLY REMINDER losing weight isnt fucking easy. eating healthy isnt fucking easy. working out regularly isnt fucking easy. so if you made the decision to fucking do these things and youve stuck to it, GOOD FOR YOU. and dont let anyone downplay your achievements, because it sure as hell isnt fucking easy. if it was, everyone would do it My friends actually make fun of me for eating healthy and exercising. It’s stupid and ...

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