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I love things that make my life easier! That's why I love cooking in my Air Fryer! These easy and flavorful Air fryer steak bites and mushrooms are ready in a matter of minutes. I give instructions for rare steak to well done steak.
These buttery seasoned Air Fryer Steak Bites are ready in under 30 minutes! They’re tender and juicy steak morsels that come out perfectly every time.

Air fryer recipes easy

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Mildred's Cranberry Orange Relish walks the line between a dinner side and dessert—to famously delicious effect! Combining tart, wintery cranberries with the sunny, summery sweetness of oranges, this relish is pleasingly zesty and refreshing no matter the meal or season. Mildred's Cranberry Orange Relish can lighten a heavy meat dish, cut through the richness of gravy, or serve as a unique topping to vanilla ice cream. A quick and easy-to-make pick-me-up and a vibrant twist on classic cranberry
Bringing a few Asian-inspired flavors into your salad is a surefire way to ensure there are no leftovers! Crunchy Mandarin Salad follows that advice and brings the tasty results straight to your tastebuds! The smooth dressing alone is enough to write home about, infused with savory soy sauce, tangy rice wine vinegar, and sweet hoisin sauce. But what happens when it's drizzled over a salad loaded with juicy mandarin oranges and crunchy almonds, as well as ramen noodles serving as the croutons for


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Let's be honest with ourselves: the best part of autumn isn't the weather or the leaves; it's the flavors. Warming, spiced, sweet... you can taste it right now just thinking about it. The Taste of Fall Muffins makes those dreams a delicious, tangible reality. Each tender treat is loaded with the sweet, sunset orange, cinnamon-and-nutmeg flavors of autumn before being topped with a crunchy pecan streusel just waiting to be savored. The Taste of Fall Muffins is how you put the season on a plate an
Nothing beats a lounging weekend morning that's followed by a massive feast! And bonus points if said massive feast isn't a lot of work so you can continue with your relaxation. Lazy French Toast is what you're looking for! Your favorite cinnamon rolls soak in a sweet, creamy, syrupy bath that will only enhance the flavor. Then, when it's nice and warm, it's smothered in melted vanilla icing to add another bright spot to your already delightful morning. So, keep your cozy slippers on and get rea
This Easy Cruffin Recipe is a cross between a croissant & a muffin. Made with puff pastry OR crescent roll dough & coated in cinnamon & sugar. Taste & texture similar to churros & positively heavenly. Great for breakfast, drizzled with dipping sauce, or topped with ice cream for dessert.

Breakfast and brunch

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Not every meal has to be a black-tie affair. Nor do they have to take hours and hours to prepare in order to be delicious! Bowties and Broccoli cordially invites you to sit back, relax, and enjoy a meal that's quick and easy! You'll be indulging in a big cheesy bowl of perfectly seasoned, fluffy bowtie pasta and crispy broccoli florets in less than fifteen minutes! That's right. In fifteen whole minutes, you'll be wining and dining, but rest assured, no formal wear is required. Ah, Bowties and B
How to Make Tomato Basil Soup #tomato #basil #soup #easy #recipe #30minutemeal #easyrecipe #tomatosoup
Surprisingly, cauliflower is incredibly well suited to frying and air frying; its mild flavor pairs well with virtually any coating and flavor, and it crisps up beautifully. Bang Bang Cauliflower takes advantage of these natural strengths to create a healthy snack that doesn’t taste healthy. Coated in sweet and sour, citrusy Asian Fusion flavors and sriracha for a little heat, Bang Bang Cauliflower is a crunchy, savory snack that can rejuvenate you during a long afternoon or whet your appetite b


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Tuna Casserole
You've heard of deviled eggs. Well, get ready to amaze your tastebuds! Deviled Strawberries are their sweet, sugary, cousin, and you'll never want to go back to the savory side again. These beautiful, ruby-red strawberries are juicy and taste like summer, which never gets old. They're made even more appealing to the eyes (and the tastebuds) thanks to a rich, fluffy cream cheese filling piped on top with a little sprinkle of crunchy graham cracker crumbs. See? Sweet is better! Still don't believe
Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes

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If there's something you need to know about any president's better half, it's that she knows how to throw the most extravagant gatherings with the tastiest bites. While this First Lady Dip might not have come straight from the White House, we are pretty confident that if the leading lady got a taste of its creaminess, crunchiness, and sweetness, she would certainly want it at all her patriotic parties. She would serve it with a fancy, buttery cracker, and all her guests would rave. She wouldn't
Tomato Burrata Bites
Brown sugar apple dip is only 3 simple ingredients and it's the most addicting and creamy fruit dip. I seriously can't stop eating it! Be sure you have plenty of apples in the house because you're going to be dipping them until the dip is gone! #brownsugar #appledip #fruitdip

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BLTs are such a classic. That crispy bacon, crunchy lettuce, and juicy tomato; ah, it really can't be beat. BLT Dip might give it a run for its money, however. Imagine you swapped out the bread for some buttery crackers and mixed the beloved trio into a rich cream cheese dip. Sounds like the lunchtime fave is getting a very snacky upgrade! Get ready for a flavor party (whether you're actually hosting or not!); BLT Dip is going to bring the fun!
Ham-and-Spinach Dip

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Sandy FELDKAMP coleslaw dressing recipe from when she was growing up. | Coleslaw dressing recipe, Coleslaw dressing, Easy salad dressing recipes