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People who were in both Dr. Who and Harry Potter // KYAAAA! I did NOT know that Madame Hooch played Cassandra!

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are among the most famous and vocal vegans in Hollywood. They are set to open a vegan restaurant in LA, and Ellen has launched her own blog, Going Vegan with Ellen, with recipes and tips for switching to a cruelty-free lifestyle. The couple is often credited with bringing veganism into the mainstream consciousness.

Love them! Ellen and Portia are one of my fav couples. I'll never forget when Portia cried about how much Ellen loves her. And the way she loves her. It was perfectly beautiful. i love my wife!

I've always thought he was so adorable! Love me some josh hutcherson

Josh Hutcherson - Joshua Ryan Josh Hutcherson (born October is an American actor. He began his acting career in the early appearing in several minor film and television roles. Growing up as a child-actor, he gained exposure between

Well, this makes me cry. Thanks all you hardcore Larry shippers. Guys they aren't actually in love! People just need to stop! #BromanceNotRomance

Why guys! I hate all this stupid Larry crap:( I ruined a friendship get a hold if yourself it's just wrong.