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Disney oil paintings. These are stunning!

Funny pictures about Disney Oil Painting Masterpieces. Oh, and cool pics about Disney Oil Painting Masterpieces. Also, Disney Oil Painting Masterpieces photos.

Interesting little Disney facts @lulycasch

19 Interesting Facts About Disney Films except the very first one is not true Ariel wears the black or blue bow in the kiss the girl scene and in the second movie she wears a bow and has her hair up almost the entire movie!

If All The Disney Princesses Were Mermaids Instead…

My question is: Why is Ariel, the only actual mermaid princess, the most badly illustrated "if they were mermaids" princess of the bunch?<---ummm Ariel's not in this drawing.

Love is...

People say Disney gave us unrealistic expectations about love. In some ways that it true, but Disney also teaches us so many other things about love. So true; and I will love disney forever!

MH Disney: Snow White

Yup, it's time to MIX THINGS! I've mixed two things I really like: Disney and Monster High. Here is Princess Aurora, from Sleeping Beauty, in a Monster High style! And yes, I draw it on sc.