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Card Slot Drop: a quick and easy toddler activity; toddlers will love this fun indoor activity; fine motor skills activity for toddlers

Card Slot Drop - Busy Toddler

Need a quick toddler activity to keep them busy? Try building this card slot drop activity! It's a winner that teaches tons of great motor skills.

FREE Ocean Preschool Centers sort the 2d shaped fish to the correct fishbowl

Ocean Preschool Centers - In My World

Ocean Preschool Centers Let’s dive right into it and take a sneak peek at what’s included in my Ocean Preschool Centers packet. But first, let me say this: I apologize for the terrible colors in some of these photos; I had such bad lighting and I rushed with the editing so I could publish this for you …

50 Montessori Activities for 2 Year Olds. I like keeping 2 year olds busy...

50 Montessori Activities for 2 Year Olds

50 Montessori Activities for 2 Year Olds. I like keeping 2 year olds busy...

Bunny Color Match ... for fine motor ... color recognition ... and math.

Bunny Color Match

I made a bunny color matching activity to work on fine motor skills and color recognition. I printed the bunny patterns on cardstock paper ... cut them out and laminated them.

Nuts and Bolts board - ausprobiert! DYS und das Kind hat Spaß. Pädagogisch wertvoll und fördert die Feinmotorik.

Montessori Nuts and Bolts Board: DIY and Lesson Plans • Mamaguru

A Montessori Nuts and Bolts Board helps your child develop fine motor skills as well as practice sorting. DIY directions and lesson plans.

150 The Best Montessori Activities, Free Printables, Montessori Books, Montessori Preschool, Montessori Spaces, Montessori Toys, Practical life and more

200+ Amazing Montessori Activities and Free Printables - Natural Beach Living

150+ The Best Montessori Activities and Hundreds of Montessori activities for Preschool and Kindergarten. You'll find Free Montessori Printables, Montessori Books, Montessori Toys, Montessori Practical Life, Montessori Math, Montessori Science and Montessori Sensory Activities. Everything for Montessori Baby through elementary age children.

FREE Winter Preschool Center Activities: Snowmen color matching

Winter Preschool Centers - In My World

Winter Preschool Centers Hello! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I enjoyed some much needed time away from the computer screen to be with my family these past couple of weeks! Anyway, I popped in today to give you guys a sneak peak at what’s included in my Winter Preschool Centers. This is a …

Pattern Match -

Hands-on Learning about Animals - Creation Series - Christian Montessori Network

Please enjoy six different kid friendly activities for hands-on learning about animals that help support the Creation story found in Genesis.

This scoop and transfer activity is super easy to set up and will keep your toddler busy and engaged!

Scoop and Transfer - Busy Toddler

This scoop and transfer activity is super easy to set up and will keep your toddler busy and engaged!

Number Matching Game. Simple way to teach kids number recognition.

Quick Play Idea: Matching Games | Inspiration Laboratories

Using playing cards for matching games is a great quick play idea. Two ideas for matching games are shared in this post.

FREE Autumn / Fall Preschool Centers tree and leaf color sorting activity

Autumn Preschool Centers - In My World

There is something almost magical about autumn. The leaves change colour from green to yellow, orange and varying shades of red, the air smells crisp, smoke fills the air as fireplaces take center stage in many homes… Unless you live in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Which is where I live. In that case, you can expect to …

Montessori sensorial exercises such as coin sorting help children develop and refine the senses. Completing these types of activities at home will help children prepare for later reading and mathematics. An easy homeschool activity for kids.

Coin Sorting: Montessori-Inspired Sensorial Acitivity | Rhythms of Play

Coin sorting is a Montesorri-Inspired Sensorial Activity because sorting coins can help children develop and refine the senses as they sort money.

Printable CVC Word Puzzles - part of a CVC word bundle activity pack

Printable CVC Words Bundle Activity Pack

The Printable CVC Words Bundle Activity Pack includes 8 different CVC word activities that are developmental. There are photos, instructions and suggested ideas included in the pack. The bundle activity pack caters for children at different ability levels, starting with the CVC Puzzle Set, followed by the Tracing over the CVC Words Set.