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Jiraiya Minato and Naruto

Wallpaper and background photos of Minato, Naruto, & Jiraiya for fans of Minato Namikaze images.

loveing - animated gif #2365759 by taraa on

I think this one might be fan-made or maybe it was originally an animation of Naruto's parents and some fan changed it to look like Naruto and Hinata but still cute.<<< I heard this was real but no one will tell me where it's from.

Ayo  Ceritakanlah.....  Kemuliaaan Tuhan

Ayo Ceritakanlah..... Kemuliaaan Tuhan

NaruHina Fanzine Piece by Jabberwockyface

jabberwockyface: “ My full piece for the Naruhina Fanzine! The upside of being indecisive was getting to draw beautiful Uzumaki family moments, instead of just one.