Syahrul Miftah

Syahrul Miftah

Syahrul Miftah
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•Pacific Rim Jaeger-Titan Lancer 2 by Saguinius

Another shot of my custom Jaeger, TITAN LANCER. Made using the Jaeger Designer: [link] Pacific Rim Jaeger-Titan Lancer 2

Fan made

In my own imagination of the pacific rim Universe, This particualr Jaeger is very well known. Having a Kaiju kill streak of 22 since deployment (Most ja.

Fan Art for Pacific Rim - Digger Echo by ~LittleAzureWyvern

DeviantArt: More Like Pacific Rim: Fire Nation Magma Honor Jaeger by Lewis-Christison

•Custom Jaeger Defender Gamma New Zealand by rs2studios

Wanted to design a heavy artillery "tank" Jaeger that could support other Jaegers during team drops. So introducing Defender Gamma from New Zealand to m. Custom Jaeger Defender Gamma New Zealand