Beatles Cartoon.

The Beatles, an American animated Saturday morning series, aired on ABC from ~ Love The Fab Even In Cartoon Form!

The Beatles Collection

The Beatles Collection LP 1964


The Beatles' Abbey Road. If it were a life & death situation and I was forced to chose my favorite album of all time, it would be Abbey Road, right before Dark Side of the Moon. there's so much feeling attached to it. It really speaks to me.

Soekarno -John F.Kennedy

Sukarno y John F. Presidentes de Indonesia y Estadounidense.

Soekarno with Jhon F. Kennedy

Indonesian President Sukarno, Caroline Kennedy & President Kennedy on the North Portico of the White House, April 1961

Marilyn Monroe meet Soekarno, Indonesia 1st President - May 1956

Former Indonesian President Sukarno is shown chatting with actress Marilyn…



Soekarno & JFK at the White House

Soekarno & John Franklin Kennedy at the White House [United States of…

Cover Soekarno - Time by endonesia, via Flickr

Similar to Hitler illustration - centralised figure, cuts off at neck. Busy background, relates to message/article.

Soekarno-Soeharto, the 1st & 2nd President

Soekarno & Soeharto, the & President Republic of Indonesia

Iwan Fals on TIME

Iwan Fals - an Indonesian singer, the living legend. I admire his consistency in voicing the idealism through his songs.

IWAN FALS: The Voice of Rebellion | Yusran Darmawan | Rollingstones Mag

Introduction Oppression and abuses of power Are too numerous to mention Stop, stop, don't go on We're fed up with greed an.

Soekarno, Indonesian 1st President

Galery Foto Soekarno > Koleksi Foto The Founding Father Soekarno, semoga kita semakin dekat dan cinta pada negara indonesia.