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I found this incredible art piece of Kurenai  Update: everyone that pinned this, please repin. I have linked to the artist's profile and she deserves the credit. Please comment if there's an updated version

Kurenai fan art- Awesome There are a few in the Konoha village that have something mystical and alluring hiding in their eyes. A sharp appetite for your neck and a piercing glare at dark.

MADARA UCHIHA by Zetsuai89 on DeviantArt

"Infinite Tsukuyomi" Art was generated after Chapter 677 "infinite Tsukiyomi". It is a pity that in the next chapter, all so has cardinally chang.

uchiha sasuke /

SASUKE: "Beat it!" KABUTO: "Come now, you’re still using such foul language with Orochimaru-sama?" SASUKE: "I don’t see any reason to stop. The Leaves Sprout – Naruto: Shippūden