Indonesian Traditional Cakes for Sari Sari

Indonesian Traditional Cakes for Sari Sari // art // drawing // inspiration // illustration // artsy // sketch

Klepon - Sweet Rice Balls Stuffed with Palm Sugar -- I have to make this one day

Indonesian recipe - Klepon - Sweet rice balls stuffed with palm sugar. Klepon are Indonesian style rice balls, stuffed with palm sugar.

Potato Croquette (Kroket Kentang).  The snack that was first introduced to Indonesia during Dutch colonial rule.

There are many different styles of Croquette in every country. In Indonesia, Croquette was first introduced during Dutch Colonial rule and it becomes a very popular snack. The Indonesians like to enjoy croquettes with bird eye chilies

Bakwan is Indonesian version of tempura. Just like making a tempura, you will need to decide on your ingredients, this usually consists of assortment of vegetables. And you will need to prepare your batter. The most common bakwan is the vegetables version, in which shredded cabbage and shredded carrot are …

Bakwan Sayur - Vegetables Fritter

cendol......a dessert with coconut milk, a worm-like jelly made from rice flour with green food coloring, red beans, shaved ice and palm sugar

a dessert with coconut milk, a worm-like jelly made from rice flour with green food coloring, red beans, shaved ice and palm sugar, only in Indonesia

Pulut inti glutinous rice with sweet coconut topping

Pulut Inti is a traditional Malaysian dessert of steamed glutinous rice with a sweet coconut topping. They are usually wrapped in banana leaves.

BUBUR SUMSUM BIJI SALAK #IndonesianFood #makanan #Indonesia.

Bubur Sumsum Biji Salak - Indonesian sweet potato balls in palm sugar syrup and coconut milk

Irene's Getting Fat!: Indonesian Culinary Gems: Kue Pancong

Snacks are thoroughly loved in Indonesia. It is a very usual view to have street food vendors doing rounds on housing screaming their prod.

Serabi (indonesian rice pancakes)

Serabi (indonesian rice pancakes) for the pancakes: 125 gr rice flour 30 gr plain flour tsp salt 150 ml coconut milk, boiling 1 tsp baking powder vanilla and/or pandan extract (optional)

Perkedel Tahu - Tofu Fritters

Perkedel Tahu - Tofu Fritters

Another take on the ever present perkedel in Indonesia, this time with tofu as…

kue bugis

[Indonesian] Kue Bugis - steamed glutinous rice cake filled with shredded coconut & brown sugar

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