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Spirit Fingers Webtoon


Hey guys it's alex ( im gonna be posting for Taylor because she's been busy :) _ _ _ _ _ _ #

"Be carful with your words, they can only be forgiven, not forgotten 💍" - ~ - - ~ -

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Edit:: @jacobsartoriusans_

From Sophia news It's OK baby. Don't worry you can do everything you wants. I'll wait you here. When you sad or bad day or anything just turn back, you'll see m

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CHAPTER 27 -arrived at school- Jacob:"wait, why nobody at school? " y/n:" yeah, we don't late" Jacob:"ugh, sucks" y/n:"why? " Jacob:" don't u remember what Mr.

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This is a series of digital paintings by artist Daniel Kamarudin reimagining Avengers characters with a dark fantasy twist (previously: this other person who did the same thing back in Who is your favorite? I like Black Widow.

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