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someone wrote this on their twitter account for the first time it's been done
A brand new way to torment your casters
an image of a cell phone and wallet on the screen with text that reads, joshua curtis webb dragon's 5th edition this is genius chap wallet + card holders = spellbook
Gil the Vlogsmith (Teaching Classes) on X
an info sheet with some cartoon characters on it
L falyros A thought that arises from the idea of tiefling babies often ending up being abandoned: A rich tiefling adventurer retiring and starting up a tiefling orphanage that takes care of rejected tiefling babies and children. A thought that arises from the idea of a tiefling orphanage: the rich tiefling can cast Thaumaturgy. At will. Personally I headcanon that tiefling magic starts to manifest around puberty, but if that wasn’t the case, they’d just have to suck it up and tiefling baby-proof the hell out of the place. B) Have no vases and stuff that might fall over and break during tremors. Have sturdy furniture. Lock doors and windows. Avoid having open flames around. Shove cotton or something into your ears. Oh yeah, and some of the babies might in that case be able to cast friends, minor illusion, of frost, hand. Could - iFunny
an animal that is in the middle of a page with information about its body and head
Redirect Notice
the poem is written in black and white
Just A Bunch Of Memes For The Prevention Of Insanity
two plates with waffles and berries on them next to a red toaster
Have a "Critical Hit" Breakfast with this D20 Waffle Maker - Geeks are Sexy
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Writing Prompts
the screen shot shows an email message to someone on their phone
two texts that are on the same page