Indonesian first President Soekarno in the Philippines stamp

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Philippines Stamp - President of the Philippines Pres Quirino & Indonesian first President Sukarno

Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie Onassis & Sukarno

President Soekarno with Marilyn Monroe, Elisabeth Taylor, Jackie Kennedy.

Soekarno & Fidel Castro

Okay Who’s handing him that Keris? *slapped* (Even Bung Karno himself looked rather…cautious, shall I say.

soekarno: Vivere Pericoloso

Vivere Pericoloso : Idealisme Keberanian Pemimpin Muda dalam Menembus Lorong Bahaya Bangsa

223Sukarno-Richard-Nixon-1953.jpg (641×455)

223Sukarno-Richard-Nixon-1953.jpg (641×455)


Soekarno, born Kusno Sosrodihardjo June 1901 – 21 June was the first President of Indonesia.

Zhou Enlai & Soekarno - coloring

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