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a black and white poster with the words, only those who care about you can hear you
Only Those Who Care About You Can Hear You When You're Quiet - LifeHack
a quote that reads never forget who ignored you when you needed them and who helped you before you even had to ask
Quotes Never forget two types of people, those who are there for you without you even asking
a boat floating in the water with a quote about ships don't sink because of the water around them
Ships don’t sink because of the water around them;
a bed with pillows and a painting on the wall above it that says, loved you then love you still always have always will
Couples Wall Art: Loved You Then Love You Still V3 (Wood Frame Ready To Hang)
Couples Wall Art: Loved You Then Love You Still V3 (Wood Frame Ready T - Sense Of Art
an old book page with a drawing of a person and a dog in the background
I will Always Love him, the him i met the first time, the young man working hard to provide for barely above minimum wage, the attentive him, the sparkle in his eye when looked at me, sometimes life works against us in a way we envisioned would help us instead it changes you if you allow it the bigger the success the more faded i became in your daily picture, its to point im barely visible but on my hardest days I cant help but still Love you & my heart aches and my stomach hurts at the fact
four different posters with the words 10 of our favorite mister rogers quotes for the classroom
WeAreTeachers | Ideas, Inspiration, and Giveaways for Teachers
10 of Our Favorite Mister Rogers Quotes for the Classroom. These quotes are a great reminder of the kindness we need in our classrooms. #classroom #kindness #teaching
a blue background with the quote our job is to teach the students we have not the ones we would like to have
Love. This. Quote.
Frame it. Hang it on the wall on the teachers' lounge. Amen.
some light bulbs hanging from the ceiling with words above them that says, even on your worst day in the classroom you are still some child's best hope
This! I’ve had a pretty rough few days.. dealing with the parts of our job that aren’t always reassuring or positive and tend to get us down... But then I think of the kids - the real reason I teach and the part of my “job” that makes it not a job, but rather a passion. I am so so blessed to have the amazing support from my colleagues, friends and family.. and my darling students too - who tell in a heart beat, I’m not myself and show they care and appreciate me in so many ways! No longer