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Amelena Designs an online store sells quality Modern abayas - Long sleeve Formal maxi dresses - Long Dress shirts – Tunics and Formal long Cardigans.

black, gold, turquoise jilbab

Not sure of the nationality of origion, maybe Muslem, but I want this for SCA events.

Piped Sports Jilbab    Comfortable, soft, sporty and fun, this jilbab is made for the active woman. With big pockets to carry all the essentials, and a zipper for quick dressing, you can look stylish in under 5 seconds flat!     Price: $104.95 $89.95

With their timeless cuts and elegant styles, SHUKR's coats and jilbabs are a sophisticated and traditional addition to your Islamic wardrobe.

Muhsina Urban Jilbab    Redefining modesty for the next generation, we’ve taken our jilbabs to the next level! This sporty and stylish jilbab has the top part made from our softest-yet jersey, and bottom part, placket, trim, and drawstring ties made from our contrasting sturdy linen-cotton. Get the layered look without the layers, and take your wardrobe up a notch today.     Price: $109.95 $89.95

Maternity Abayas that are perfect for our nursing Muslim Moms. Islamic Clothing designed for breastfeeding and nursing moms.

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